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Thank you for stopping and viewing my humble website. Here you can get to know a litte bit about me and get the ball rolling if you'd like to know more.

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My name is Andrew Mortimer and I am an open source web developer. I administer Linux servers employing various open source stacks. I excel in frontend design and backend, objected oriented – MVC programming. Ruby, Rails, SQL, Git, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are all software that I use on a daily basis. As a highly motivated self-starter I vigilantly poll the internet for information to improve my ever expanding open source toolbox. I am a social coder and find it a critical necessity to be a part of the various communities and groups related to software development (if you get my gist.)

I have experience with multiple frameworks and responsive design. I utilize some of the most advanced frameworks in front-end development, such as Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation allowing for a rapid development pace. I’ve created responsive blogs with WordPress and have administered its' content too. Content administration has imbued a fundamental relationship between myself and actual evolution of live sites. I also have extensive experience with Drupal content management. Through working with large, data-intensive web sites I’ve acquired keen insights into interaction design as well as user experience. Also through administering and publishing content I have first-hand experience with its' role in SEO. Standards compliant web sites aren’t only elegant and gentle on load times, but critical in allowing search engines to easily digest their information.

I also have a multidisciplinary background. Among being highly technical I have a profound respect and passion for elegant and beautiful graphic design. I studied both graphic design and web design in my undergrad. I’m well-adjusted to team development and design settings. I also know the “ins and outs” of graphic design, branding, marketing, and brand development.

I am exceptional at catering to the end user's interaction needs, whether on the front or backend. I am a catalyst for improvement in user experience and innovation in HCI. I have keen insights and observational skills that I use to analyze user behavior in great depth.

I have a programmatic skill-set that allows me to develop features myself or harmoniously collaborate with other programmers. I am an excellent intermediary between types of people -- primarily mediating between users with little technical knowledge and those of vast technical knowledge. I can bridge critical gaps between groups of users and foster growth in software development as well as community usage.